12.00 Midday – 9.00pm Daily.      Sunday Carvery 12.30 -3.30 Normal menu to 9pm.


‘Prince of Wales’ Soup £3.25
Today’s freshhomemade soup served with bread & butter
Prawn Cocktail  £3.75
Atlantic prawns in a Marie Rose dressing with salad & bread & butter
Fresh Pate £3.25  
Served on a bed of salad with bread & butter
Breaded button mushrooms £3.75
Served with salad & homemade garlic
Pan-fried garlic mushrooms £3.75
Served with hand sliced bread & butter

Main Courses
All meals are served with freshly made chips, boiled, mashed or jacket potato

Prince of Wales Chicken £7.95
Breast of chicken stuffed with brie and wrapped in bacon
Homemade steak and ale pie £7.95
Braised steak cooked in local Welsh ale

From the Grill
All steaks sourced from Mid-Wales

10oz Rump Steak £9.25
Surf & Turf (Steak & Scampi) £12.25
8oz Sirloin Steak £12.25
16oz Rump Steak£12.25
18oz Mixed Grill £14.50
Steak,lamb & pork chops, gammon sausage
8oz Smothered Steak £10.50
Served with pan fried mushrooms, onions with grated cheese
10oz Gammon Steak £9.25
Served with fresh egg or pineapple
Minted Welsh Lamb Steak £9.50

All the above are served with onion rings, mushrooms peas and salad garnish. Choice of freshly made chips, boiled, mashed or jacket potato.

Supplement your steak with a choice of:
Diane, Au Poivre, Stilton or Mushroom £1.75           

Vegetarian Options

Home made vegetable Lasagne            £7.95
Layers of pasta filled with a selection of vegetables
Home made Nut Roast                           £7.55
Slow roasted mixed nuts and seasonal vegetables
Mushroom Korma                                   £7.55
Served with  rice or chips or half & half
Cauliflower & Broccoli                           £6.25

All served with rice or chips or ‘half and half’

Chicken Tikka Masala    £7.75
Lamb Rogan                    £7.75
Beef Madras                    £7.75

Sea Food
All served with freshly made chips, boiled, mashed or jacket potato, peas and salad garnish.

Sea Bass £7.95
With rosemary mashed potato, leek and mushroom
Battered Cod Fillet                        £8.25
Fresh Poached Salmon Fillet      £9.25
In a creamy parsley sauce
Whole Tail Breaded Scampi       £8.25
Plaice, chips & peas                      £6.75

Side Orders
Onion Rings                                   £2.25
Garlic Bread                                  £2.25

 PanFried Mushrooms                 £2.25
Portion of Chips                            £1.75
Side Salad                                       £1.75

Bar Meals
All served with freshly made chips, boiled potatoes or jacket potato.

6 oz Gammon steak                                        £6.75
Served with fresh local egg or pineapple
8 oz Sizzling  steak                                          £6.95
Served with pan fried half tomatoes
Homemade faggots with a hint of apple    £6.25
Served with peas and lashings of gravy
Sizzling roast half chicken                             £6.25
Served with pan fried half tomatoes
Corned beef and potato pie
Served with a rich gravy and peas                £6.25
Plaice, chips and peas                                     £6.75
Hand carved ham & egg                                 £6.25


Homemade fruit pie                                       £3.75
Served with cream, ice cream or custard
Homemade cheesecake                                  £3.75
Served with double cream
Homemade Trifle                                             £3.25
Made with fresh mixed fruit
Rich chocolate fudge cake                              £3.75
Served with cream or ice cream
Roly poly pudding with custard                    £3.75

Hot Beverages
To compliment the meal
Black Coffee                                                     £1.75
Café crème                                                       £1.75
Cappuccino                                                      £1.75
Espresso                                                           £1.75
Made with coffee beans and cream milk
Tea                                                                    £1.00
Hot Chocolate                                                 £1.50

Wine Selection

By the bottle                                                    £10.50
175ml   bottle                                                  £2.70


Children’s Menu also available                   £3.75

Carvery available Sunday between 12.30pm and 3.30pm
Two courses from £8.50

Booking advisable.  01685 844441

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